Dixon Technologies All-Star Team

Daniel Dixon, Founder and CEO of Dixon Technologies has over 24 years of automobile experience. Getting into the automotive retail business at the ripe age of 19, he started his career in the parts warehouse and quickly moved to the service side at one of the largest Honda Stores in the United States while becoming one of the top producing service advisors in the country gaining the Platinum level status with Honda while delivering a Customer Service Index over 97%.   The key to his success was communicating with the customer every step of the way.  Daniel has sat in every seat in the dealership including becoming a partner for several years with several industry pioneers. He has always had a passion that has been dual focused to improve processes, operations centered around the employee and customer experience.  Like every great business, Daniel found holes in the automotive industry and set out to create the most innovative technology company on the market to complete the circle of success in the automotive industry.  He founded Dixon Technologies which focuses on three main products: Status Plus, Acquisition Plus and Recon Plus.

These three products allow the dealership to grow and retain their customer base through an advance suite of services has introduced the most innovative products on the market called helping dealerships complete important cycles from start to finish and guiding the customer into positively reviewing the dealerships great customer service.  In short, Dixon Technologies makes life easier for dealerships!

Any great leader will tell you they are only as good as their team.  Dixon brought in one of the brightest technical minds in the tech sector to help make his dream a reality.  Mitchell Brunelli has been writing code since he was 12. He could often times be found taking apart his family computers as a kid to find out how they worked. He has a love for technology and enjoys teaching others about it. His entrepreneurial spirit was apparent when he started several companies at a young age. At age 19, he found himself integrating machine learning into crucial processes at a telecommunications company. He’s always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Mitchell is always looking to work with cutting edge technology and has even experimented with brain scanning headsets within the telecommunications industry. During his career he has worked closely with key individuals such as partners and CEO’s.

Dixon’s other hand in the success of Dixon Technologies was hiring Steven Bull as a Full Stack Developer.  Steven has been enamored with STEM fields since he was a child. Beginning with several robotics camps during the short summers and learning to program robots on DOS systems in high school. He attended Baylor University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry. After a few years in the manufacturing industry as a chemist, Steven realized that he was no longer able to exercise his creativity and problem solving skills in such an adamant career governed by procedures and hierarchy. At this point, Steven pursued a career change and attended an engineering immersion course through Thinkful, Inc. where he worked closely with industry mentors and leaders to learn full stack development in hopes of joining a career field that would allow him to add value to himself and to positively contribute to the world. Steven is always on the lookout for new things to learn and focuses on simplicity to improve processes.

The birth of Dixon Technologies quickly found its place in the automotive world truly making life easier for dealerships helping them grow and retain their customer base.

Products such as Status Plus, Recon Plus and Acquisition Plus allow dealerships to complete the cycle to profitability in both service and sales.  For more information or to request a demo visit https://dixontech.net or call 469.904.0107.


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