Improving Inventory Management in Today’s Market

Dealerships that move inventory don’t rely on gut instinct or personal preference. Optimizing inventory and increasing front-end gross profit requires a keen understanding of each vehicle’s market.  Today, car buyers are doing their research online and narrowing the list of vehicles they may want to purchase before heading to the dealership. Dealerships can use this consumer behavior to their advantage by learning more about which vehicles have the most interest.

Dixon Technologies, the leader in helping dealers grow and retain their customer base through an advance suite of services has introduced the most innovative product on the market called Acquisition Plus.  Dealerships will increase Margin and Volume!

There are tools that can tell you which vehicles are right for a market, but dealers must exercise restraint and not deviate from the data. Decisions must be based on current market conditions, which means market research must be done on a regular basis.  In order to combat margin compression dealers must be efficient when it comes to inventory management. This applies to pricing more so than many other aspects of the process.  Models that are less desirable in the market must be priced to sell quickly so they don’t take up space in the lot for too long.  Enacting a sound appraisal practice lowers the chance of overpaying or stocking the wrong vehicles right out the gate.  Variety is often the key to moving inventory at a dealership. It’s all about casting a wider net to catch more car buyers. Of course, in order to source the right mix of inventory you first need to know each vehicle’s market and what’s in demand among your customer base.

Acquisition Plus helps keep dealerships from losing money on auction purchase units, rising costs of vehicles, auction fees, inspection, transportation, or holding cost.  As a dealer, you will be able to connect with private sellers with the fastest moving vehicles, through an automated texting campaign.  Dealerships will be able to increase vehicle profitability with the streamlined auto buying process from private sellers and the holding costs as well as costs associated with the auction are reduced because you are the only bidder.  In addition, you acquired the vehicle at the agreed upon price, you have the ability to resell it at your desired price point.

The auction is brought to you!  Since you are the only one bidding on the vehicle, you are able to buy the vehicle for the right money.  Acquisition Plus automated texting platform contacts you with private sellers when they are selling a vehicle at the perfect time.  You will be able to improve the customer experience by interacting with private sellers who have the fastest moving vehicles.  Dixon Technologies does all of the heavy lifting by whittling down the pool of private sellers to the ones who are specifically in market to sell their vehicle to you, at your number. They are filtered through your CRM, and we send an automated messages to them at the right time, to safely and easily streamline the buying process. Hassles with the DMV and paperwork are removed from the equation!

Dixon Technologies, with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, is “Making Life Better” for dealerships by helping them grow and retain their customer base utilizing the most advance suite of services on the market.  Products such as Status Plus, Recon Plus and Acquisition Plus allow dealerships to complete the cycle to profitability in both service and sales.  For more information or to request a demo visit or call 469.904.0107.


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