Creating a Customer for Life through a Great Dealership Service Strategy

Garnering brand loyalty begins and ends with a dedication to customer service excellence.  All too often dealerships repeat business is lackluster or nonexistent.  The key to improving your automotive dealership’s customer base is to have a better strategy and utilize quality service to positively work for you.

Dixon Technologies, the leader in helping dealers grow and retain their customer base through an advance suite of services has introduced the most innovative products on the market called helping dealerships complete important cycles from start to finish and guiding the customer into positively reviewing the dealerships great customer service.

Communication is key when it comes to customer satisfaction for automotive service!  This means both communication with the customer as well as internal dealership communication.

With today’s technology there is no reason that companies, automotive dealerships in particular should not be able to effectively communicate with their customers and staff as easy as touching a button.  No more fragmented solutions, Status Plus does it all.  Utilizing Dixon Technologies most advance product on the market for dealerships, Status Plus, dealerships can decide which steps in the service process will notify the customer, and let them know when their vehicle is ready for pickup. Status Plus will also guide them to take a CSI Survey and notify dealership management immediately if the customer were not completely satisfied.  Status Plus allows the dealer to keep track of every step within the service process. Techs and Advisors are notified by text when it’s time for them to take action. Dealerships now have visibility over how long each step is taking, and can focus on bottlenecks improving the process and increasing profitability.  The program will helps increase customer satisfaction by informing the right dealership personnel when a customer calls or texts their advisor back, Status Plus will route this communication directly to the right person.  Dealerships can even go back and listen to previous calls or read the transcriptions. Status Plus will notify the customer when it’s time to come back in for recommended maintenance and allow for them to schedule an appointment creating a happy customer for life.

Dixon Technologies, with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, is “Making Life Better” for dealerships by helping them grow and retain their customer base utilizing the most advance suite of services on the market.  Products such as Status Plus, Recon Plus and Acquisition Plus allow dealerships to complete the cycle to profitability in both service and sales.  For more information or to request a demo visit or call 469.904.0107.


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