Customer Communication Increases Your Profitability

Communication is not simply an aspect of customer service, it is the most important piece of customer service. It requires listening to a customers needs, and letting them know how you plan to meet those needs, and keeping them updated with information as you are meeting their needs.

When it comes to servicing a customers vehicle, communication fills every aspect of the customer experience with your company. Whether you will have your customers vehicle for a few days or a few hours, it is vitally important that they are aware of what is happening and when.

If you provide consistent updates you will see your customers leave with a positive feeling and more likely to return to your business in the future. They will feel important and have peace of mind if an issue arises. Additionally, a customer who is effectively communicated with will feel more comfortable bringing issues to your attention, allowing you to rectify them before they negatively impact your online reviews or CSI scores.

Do not wait until a customer contacts you to worry about keeping them updated on the status of their vehicle. Status Plus is an intuitive service CRM tool that removes the guess work for your service customers and informs you and them every step of the way while using text & smart calling.

Learn more about Status+ and how you can keep your customers updated and happy with automation by visiting


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