Dealership Used Car Reconditioning can Increase or Decrease Sales Profits

Automotive Dealership’s auto reconditioning practices are vital to the bottom line when it comes to automotive sales.  If a dealership doesn’t have the proper processes in place, they will lose… and lose big time!  However, when done efficiently and properly, the dealerships margin can increase instantly.

When shopping for a used car, everyone wants to find one for a good price that’s in great shape. One challenge is how difficult it is to compare different used cars, because each one is unique and different depending on how their previous owners drove them and cared for them.  The single most important thing for any dealership’s used cars is the care and attention that goes into reconditioning them.

Many managers don’t realize how much reconditioning affects the operations of a car dealership, whether it’s an independent used car dealership or a new-car dealership with a used car division. What’s interesting from an industry point of view is how much the overall spend on reconditioning has gone up in recent years.  When the new car market is in a slump, the preowned market can mean the difference between a healthy bonus or looking for another place of employment.

Enter Dixon Technologies, the leader in helping dealers grow and retain their customer base through an advance suite of services which has introduced the most innovative product on the market called Recon Plus helping dealerships decrease your time to market, and point out any bottlenecks by measuring your process every step of the way!

No more spreadsheets or manual repair orders.  Utilizing Dixon Technologies most advance product on the market for dealerships, Recon Plus, dealerships will be able to calculate in real time what they spend in reconditioning.  Recon Plus provides full transparency by allowing you to sort by vehicle year, make, and/or model. Dealerships are now in the driver’s seat being able to calculate hypothetical holding costs, giving them a full scope on where money is falling through the cracks.

The program will send a text alert informing the next associates turn in the process to act. The platform even gives management the ability to approve a work order right from your mobile device. With complete transparency, dealerships are able to accelerate the reconditioning process for a quicker turnaround thus increasing more profit with one solution.

Dixon Technologies is able to integrate with the dealership’s DMS or inventory management system so that there is no manual input-tation or duplication. This completely streamlines and consolidates inventory management, and gives management more time in the day to redirect energy to other important tasks on the to-do list.

Dixon Technologies, with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, is “Making Life Better” for dealerships by helping them grow and retain their customer base utilizing the most advance suite of services on the market.  Products such as Status Plus, Recon Plus and Acquisition Plus allow dealerships to complete the cycle to profitability in both service and sales.  For more information or to request a demo visit or call 469.904.0107.


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