J.D. Power Survey Shows Customer Satisfaction Rates Remaining Steady Despite Shortages

While finding a new vehicle is more difficult thanks to the nationwide new-car inventory shortage, the J.D. Power 2021 Sales Satisfaction Index Study has shown high levels of customer satisfaction among new car buyers.

The study surveyed over 35,000 buyers who purchased or leased new vehicles between March and May, and it found that the measured customer satisfaction index remains at the same level as it did in 2020. However, in situations where customers visited a dealership but were not able to purchase a vehicle, dealer satisfaction declined.

J.D. Power stated that the reason customer satisfaction is holding steady despite the shortage and higher prices is due to the fact that new-car buyers are receiving higher prices for their trade-ins than they expected.

J.D. Power says the reason customer satisfaction is holding steady despite the inventory shortage and higher prices is that new-car buyers receive more money for their trade-in than expected.

The overall satisfaction level holding steady is good news for dealerships who are struggling to satisfy customer demands during unprecedented times. However, the J.D. Power survey only focused on new car purchasers, and many dealerships are struggling with issues in their service department as well.

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